Sprint, 1999 Flight AeroDRAG & Flight Simulation 7.0

An Aerodynamic Drag & Flight Simulation Computer Program
for Microsoft Windows By AeroRocket

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AeroDRAG Results Compared to SpaceShipOne Flight Data

Flight Data


SS1 Flight Data

% Difference

Maximum Altitude [ft]

367,846 ft

367,463 ft


Maximum Speed During Ascent

Mach 3.05

Mach 3.09


Maximum Speed During Decent

Mach 4.05 (Ballistic)

Mach 3.26 (Feathered)


Maximum acceleration During Ascent




Maximum acceleration During Descent

5.75G (Ballistic)

3.7G* (Feathered)


AeroDRAG & Flight Simulation is a computer program that allows the rocketeer to quickly and easily perform rocket drag (Cd) and flight simulations using the power of Microsoft Windows. AeroDRAG & Flight Simulation interactively predicts subsonic, transonic and supersonic rocket drag to Mach 20 using the Newtonian surface inclination method for nose-body and fin combinations. AeroDRAG & Flight Simulation also performs flight simulations of rockets in vertical flight. For flight simulations the basic equations of rocket motion are integrated to determine rocket velocity, altitude and acceleration using a finite difference procedure. In this latest version of AeroDRAG & Flight Simulation, the Cd can vary with rocket velocity and air density varies with altitude. The ability to model the variation of Cd with velocity (Mn) is important for accurate high speed and high altitude rocket predictions. Many other Flight Simulation programs assume Cd is constant, possibly causing serious flight prediction errors. Please note that AeroDRAG & Flight Simulation is not a CAD program used to painstakingly define rocket model geometry. Instead, it is a tool that rapidly determines the performance of small and large scale rockets in seconds by the definition of basic shapes and environmental considerations.

Hart Missile Data Superimposed on AeroDRAG & Flight Simulation Results

Thanks again John! There is a need for your product in the rocket community, and I am glad someone took the initiative to produce it! I use AeroDRAG & Flight Simulation all the time to compute Cd's and I've found it to be very accurate and easy to use. Keep up the good work
Tim Quigg, 5/2000

Enclosed is a check for the upgrade to AeroDRAG 5. Thanks for writing this program. It is the easiest one I have seen to use
Tom Tweit, Tripoli MN, 6/2003

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