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Rocket Center of Pressure Location Analysis

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AeroCP 4.0
Rocket Center of Pressure (XCp) Analysis
Provides an efficient way to compute center of pressure location (XCp) for model and high power rockets. AeroCP 4.0 determines XCp for rockets having conical expansions, conical reductions, boat tails, arbitrary fin shapes and several nose cone types. In addition, AeroCP computes XCp of multiple stage rockets where all data is clearly visible. Also, performs airframe loads analyses in the form of shear, moment and stress distribution plots and fin aeroelastic analyses using the Barrowman lift curve slope (CN_alpha). This new version displays main fins lift slope, booster fins lift slope and center of pressure location from tip of nose cone using the Barrowman equations.

Program Features
1) Program "Quit" button on main tool bar.
2) Tab to each data field has been added.
3) Program automatically computes distance of fin mid-chord line.
4) Added "Print" command on Instruction page.
5) AeroCP is now delivered on CD ROM.
6) Perform fin aeroelastic analyses for determining divergence velocity and flutter velocity.
7) Perform a
irframe loads analyses in the form of shear, moment and stress distribution plots.
8) Saves project files
with the .RK1 delimiter for rockets with No Transitions, .RK2 delimiter for rockets with Expansion Transitions, .RK3 delimiter for rockets with Reduction Transitions, .RK4 delimiter for rockets with Expansion/Reduction Transitions and .RK5 delimiter for rockets with a Booster Stage.
9) Airframe location pull-bar updates display in real-time as it is operated.
10) Simple to use and understand.

Figure-1, Center of Pressure Analysis on Main Screen.

Figure-2, Airframe loads analysis and Fin Flutter/Divergence Analysis

AeroCP Minimum System Requirements
(1) Screen resolution: 800 X 600
(2) System: Windows 98, XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit), NT or Mac with emulation
(3) Processor Speed: Pentium 3 or 4
(4) Memory: 64 MB RAM
(5) English (United States) Language
(6) 256 colors

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENT: Input data for all AeroRocket programs must use a period (.) and not a comma (,) and the computer must be set to the English (United States) language. For example, gas constant should be written as  Rgas = 355.4 (J / kg*K = m^2 / sec^2*K) and not Rgas = 355,4. The English (United States) language is set in the Control Panel by clicking Date, Time, Language and Regional Options then Regional and Language Options and finally by selecting English (United States). If periods are not used in all inputs and outputs the results will not be correct.

AeroIsp (12/27/2009)
1) Earlier versions of AeroCP asked the user to re-enter boat tail dimensions and boat tail location after this information had already been specified by the user. This version of AeroCP has corrected this error.

For more information about AeroCp please contact John Cipolla.


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